Wait, We’re Married?!

On a Saturday in August 2015, Peter and I got married. It was a beautiful Mass and the reception was a blast. It was beautiful seeing people from throughout my life all there at once to celebrate us coming together to live for Christ.

Moving In

Then I moved all my stuff in that Monday, and holy cow that was stressful. I didn’t want to make his apartment all girly and everything looks much more intimidating in piles. It is also a small apartment for two students that have lots of books. We also didn’t really want to keeps storage at our parents’ anymore, so that added even more piles. I still have two paper bags of papers that I haven’t sorted through but can’t get rid of yet, and it’s November!

After a week of living together we packed up and stayed in a cottage on Lake Superior for five days. It was romantic and consisted of food, wine, coffee, prayer, hiking, campfires, sunrises, bubbles baths, movies, and obviously love. It was really nice being able to keep our phones off (except mine was on airplane mode so that I could take pictures). We slept when we were tired. We ate when we were hungry. They had a mini fridge, a toaster, and microwave, so we before driving up made fajitas and pasta, and would warm them up for our meals. Gosh it was so delicious. For breakfast we had coffee, mimosas, and bagels. One of my love languages is definitely food. My mouth is watering right now. We had a WHIRLPOOL BATHTUB. I took way more baths than Peter. It was fantastic. If he decided to take a nap, you bet your bottom I hopped in that tub. At night we would snag a spot for a fire and have smores and a drink. We actually had a skunk visit us. Yes, he did get the marshmallows. They say those creatures spray 15 feet, so we took off quickly.
We visited Duluth, the lighthouse, and Gooseberry Falls, and did a bunch of hiking. It’s amazing how fresh that air is up there. I forget that it exists being the city girl that I am. Also, the stars, there are so many up there. We definitely want a place someday with less noise and more stars.

The lake was so beautiful.
The North Shore is awesome.
We got up really early for this, and it was worth it.
I was actually really scared of falling off during this picture.

When we got home, I continued to unpack. Peter went back to do his job. We only had so much time before school started, and I discovered my inner household wife. I was just missing an apron. I learned that I liked to love Peter through service, such as dishes, laundry, making food, etc.

Living with a man wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be. I mean, waking up to Peter kicking isn’t the most romantic, but I enjoy to see his face and know he is always there. He keeps the toilet lid down, and his workout clothes only smell a little bit. I think I do many more annoying things than he does. My hair sheds everywhere, and I keep the fridge door open gawking more than most human beings.
One thing that I have been loving about marriage is that I have someone else to talk to about important things, and the not so important things. Aside from the silly conversations involving Harry Potter and Star Wars, we also have to communicate about bills, insurance, the car, groceries, and now being parents.

Tacos by candlelight
I will leave you with this. At night, we crawl into bed and pray. We thank God for our day, a roof, food, and whatever else comes to mind. Then we pray in petition, asking for the Lord to bless those that pray for us, to bless our family, to heal us in when we are ill, to help us with whatever tests are coming up, and for whoever/whatever else needs prayers. Then we finish our prayer with an Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be, then ask Mary, Joseph, and Saints Joachim and Anne (patron saints of marriage) to pray for us.

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