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Number Two

Yes, this is an announcement. We are expecting #2! I’m 8 weeks along, and due November 29th!

I’d like to use the quote Laura Fanucci used when she announced her pregnancy after losing her twin girls, “the world is never ready for the birth of a child.”

We are beyond excited for this little one. Most of the people we told were worried about me getting sick again. Some thought it was really soon, (Zelie will be 1.5 when this one is born). The rest of the people we told were over the moon.

We are at a point where I can’t hide the pregnancy anymore. Despite all we did to prevent HG, unfortunately, it is here again, and it’s almost as bad as last time. Luckily my doctor was very proactive and we started treatment right away. I’m taking a combo of meds and had my picc line placed on Monday. I now receive two bags of IV fluids a day. I’m only throwing up once or twice a day as long as I’m taking all my meds. The harder battle for me is actually the debilitating headaches, which we still haven’t found a treatment for. All tests have come back normal, so we are clueless.

So I want to ask for your prayers.

My aunt comes over once a week for the day to help me now, which I am so so grateful for. My sister-in-law comes for a couple hours in the morning once a week to play with Zelie. My mother in law is basically on call. She probably comes for a few hours twice a week.

Now. These are all the questions we’ve received already, so I’ll save your breath.

Did we plan this? No.

We weren’t using contraception but we were charting my fertility and avoiding intimacy when I appeared to have fertile cervical mucus.

To be honest, charting postpartum sucks. My body was fluctuating so much after being pregnant with Zelie, giving birth, and breastfeeding. Then my body was trying to balance its hormones and trying to start my cycles again. So charting was really confusing and there was just no way that we personally were going to abstain for months.

So technically, yes we were open to life every time. We also knew there was a low chance of conceiving based on my cervical mucus. I got my first period 6 months postpartum, and then my next cycle 50 days later. Then my next period never showed up.

One morning about a month ago I had a funny aftertaste after eating some eggs. I accidentally drank some sour milk a couple days before. I asked some mom friends if I should go in for a possible stomach infection…and they instead said I should take a pregnancy test.

Huh. I didn’t think about that. It was way over my head. So no. We weren’t trying to have a baby. I just happened to get pregnant anyway. Sometimes people have hyperfertility (oh hey, me apparently), even if they have sex once (oh look, Zelie was born 9 months after our wedding date).

We have always wanted many children. We have never put a cap on the number. I am one of two and Peter is one of eight.

Literally the only thing holding us back on having more children right away was how sick I got with Zelie.

We worked really hard on having a healthier diet and exercising in hopes that future pregnancies would go well.

And honestly, since the average amount of time for a couple trying to conceive a baby is over a year, I wasn’t really planning on charting my fertility when we first got married. I was charting my temps in the morning, but that method doesn’t work very well for everyone. We were just going to do whatever and see what happens since a year to conceive seemed realistic and doable. So even though I loathe charting, it’s something we need to do anyway.

So because I can’t keep a secret, here’s our announcement.

We weren’t really trying (some would disagree), we weren’t really avoiding (some would disagree). We were doing the best we could realistically.

And honestly, I thought that day was an infertile day.

So whatever you think, I love children, and Zelie needs a sibling to play with.


If you live in the area and are looking for a way to help, we have a meal train started here.

7 thoughts on “Number Two

  1. Yea for proactive doctors! Honestly this is awesome news. My first two are 2 and change years apart, but honestly it would have been fine at 18 months. Continuing prayers that you stay strong and the HG gets a little better. Looking forward to meeting you in person in May (assuming you can make the Y&W park meet up!)


  2. Congratulations! You will all be in my prayers! I did not have HG…but really bad morning (all day and night) sickness! While I want to get pregnant ASAP, the thing I fear most is how I bad feel and how it impacts me and my family.


  3. Yayy! Babies are so wonderful! I’m so happy for you, Ryian. 🙂 We are also trying to postpone pregnancy for health reasons, but I know that if Rory does get a sibling sooner than we plan, God is going to take care of us. I can’t wait for him to have a little buddy. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your little cutie #2!


  4. Love following your blog and so happy about your announcement! Seriously impressed and inspired by your attitude and faithful acceptance towards life despite knowing you have to deal with HG alongside it. I will definitely pray for you; I had first trimester “morning” (all day/night) sickness and throwing up, and while it doesn’t even compare to what you go through, I will admit it does make me nervous when thinking about charting and possibly conceiving after this current baby is born. Nonetheless, babies are always good news! Congrats!!


  5. Congratulations!!! It can be so hard having a high risk pregnancy when you have babies at home but it is so worth it to have them close in age in my opinion. Zelie will love being a big sister and you will love the day they can play and entertain each other.

    Prayers for you and your family!


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