Pregnancy Update: second trimester

Well, it’s been about two months since we officially announced that we are expecting our second child. So I wanted to briefly write an update.

I want to thank all of you who have given us meals or visited or helped clean or played with Zelie. Our freezer is literally overflowing with frozen meals and ice pops (a safe food for me that I’m not likely to throw up).

I have shared on my personal Facebook page that we have started a treatment, and it seems to be working, but it’s not an overnight switch. We started treatment a couple weeks ago and the first week I had 1.5 good days and this week I’ve had 3.5 decent days.

I still have to rest a lot and remember to not go overboard though. On Monday I felt awesome and went on a walk that morning, and then that used up all my energy for the day. Yesterday was a good day and after I showered it took me a couple hours of laying down to feel decent again.

I’m still taking my nausea meds, but with both those and this treatment together, I haven’t thrown up since Wednesday, which is AWESOME.

What stinks about treatment is each time I go in, the next 24 hours I feel even MORE sick first before having any relief. So Tuesday I had treatment. Wednesday was horrible. Thursday was recovery from Wednesday. And Friday was awesome besides my couple hours of resting after my shower. Saturday (today) has been pretty decent so far. I should still take a rest maybe once an hour for maybe 15 minutes, but this is way better than it was.

I wanted to give you a glimpse of what things were like before we started treatment. I wrote this about a month ago.

My morning starts with Peter’s alarm going off. I roll over to check my IV pole to make sure the bag is empty. If it’s not, I adjust the drip rate to get the rest of it in the next hour. I hear Zelie stirring in her room but it’s not time for her to get up yet.

Peter is ready for work and gives me a smooch goodbye. I might snooze for a bit longer, but this is usually the time that I get up.

I inject a couple syringes in my picc line. I go to the bathroom to pee. I grab my medicine and gatorade from the kitchen so it’s ready when I eat breakfast. Then I’m back in the bathroom to throw up.

Now it’s time to get Zelie up.

I pick up Zelie carefully from her crib. (I typically avoid carrying her as much as I can in case I black out, and I’m technically not supposed to carry more than 10 pounds with my picc line. Zelie is over 25 pounds. Oops.) I change her diaper. I nurse her and check up on the young Catholic moms Facebook group I admin. Luckily I’m only nursing 3 times a day: I do when Zelie wakes up, before nap time, and before bedtime. What a relief for me that I am not pregnant and nursing around the clock. Praise the Lord she sleeps through the night.

Now it’s time for breakfast. I eat a small bowl of cereal. Zelie will eat half a banana and Cheerios, maybe some yogurt or even some other fruit if there was a sale at the store. Then we clean up as much as we can, and now it’s floor time.

Floor time is me laying on the couch, Zelie playing with some toys, and typically Netflix is on. Julie’s Greenroom has been her (read: our) favorite. Then besides a diaper change or two, I usually watch the clock until Peter is home for lunch, hopefully not throwing up.

We are so so lucky that Peter only works a mile away. He can come home and eat his typical sandwich, or leftovers, or honestly anything in our kitchen, because he gets to be home for lunch! He helps with getting Zelie in her high chair and giving her some turkey, cheese, and fruit. He makes me a bagel (another safe food for me) which I eat on the couch. My head can’t take sitting up at the table that much, especially because I already did so for breakfast on my own without Peter.

Then Pete is on his way back to work, and it’s nap time for both me and Z. When we’re both up again a couple hours later, it’s time to change Z’s diaper and it’s back to floor time with diapers and a snack before Peter is home for the evening.

If someone is here in the morning or afternoon to help us, usually my mother in law or friend or another family member, they usually get Zelie in the stroller for a walk and play with her so I can rest in bed and have another iv bag. We don’t have people here every day, but it’s about every other morning and the occasional afternoon.

When Peter gets home, he prepares dinner. Then he and Zelie eat at the table and I do on the couch. I usually eat only about half of my meal. (Zelie has been eating more than me, no joke.) Then unfortunately I either throw up, or feel very nauseous the rest of the evening.

This is not even close to the countless times I threw up while pregnant with Zelie, but I have lost more weight this time, which is probably because of caring for Zelie this time around.

Peter and I typically have been staying sane in the evenings by watching Parks and Rec together. I’m not sure what we’ll do when we finish this final season. After a couple episodes I then watch Peter and Zelie play until it’s time for her to go to bed. I’ll nurse her, then he gets her ready for bed, and I take my meds and lay down. Once Zelie is down, Peter helps set up my iv, and then we’re off to sleep, to do it all again tomorrow.

I’m in chronic pain with the same headache that has lasted for two months. Most people don’t seem to understand that I’m constantly in pain. They offer all these solutions to my headaches, and I get tired of telling them that I’ve already tried it or I’ve already tested for it. Every test has come back normal, everything. The doctors don’t know why I feel this way. There isn’t anything else that Western medicine can do.

It’s hard, really hard, but it will be so so so worth it. I will slowly getting better. Like with Zelie, my headaches probably won’t go away until birth, but it’ll be more tolerable as time goes on.

Though, we do actually have one more treatment that we are going to try.

And that’s when I asked on Facebook for a flood of prayers. Wednesday marked 15 weeks (pregnancy is typically 40 weeks). There are 172 more days until the due date, November 29th. I’ve lost fifteen pounds, but Baby is about 4.5 inches from head to rump, weighs about 2-3 ounces, and can also wiggle some toes!

I do not know where I would be without my Facebook group for Catholic moms in their 20s, and my mother in law giving us so much of her time, and my Blessed is She sisters providing meals for us, and all of your prayers. Thank you.

We are on the road to recovery. It is a long road, but each week has been better than the last, and I have to remember one day at a time.

3 thoughts on “Pregnancy Update: second trimester

  1. Thank you for sharing, Ryian! Until I started virtually hanging out around Catholic mom groups I had never heard of HG. I am such an insufferable nightmare when I have headaches, I couldn’t imagine.

    You are in my prayers daily.


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