Third Trimester 

Last time I wrote on here I was updating you on how first trimester went. It’s been three months. Today I had my first third trimester appointment with this baby, and I’ve officially scheduled the rest of my prenatal appointments until the due date, AND even scheduled Baby Boy’s first appointment. 

Last post I wrote about how we were just starting treatment and we were starting to see some results. I’m so happy to say that I haven’t thrown up in a couple months. Unfortunately my headaches still come and go and I still can’t stand for too long, but we are still seeing such a huge improvement. Just about anything beats throwing up all day and receiving two liters of iv fluids every day. 

In the beginning I lost about 15-20 pounds, but as of today I’m 8 pounds up from my starting weight. 

Second trimester wasn’t very eventful. Though, we did just get back from Pittsburgh to celebrate Peter’s brother’s wedding! It was a blast! Zelie did great on the plane and we loved watching her play with all 11 of her cousins, even though she did get a little overwhelmed. She loved the babies the best, probably because they weren’t trying to drown her in hugs. But hey, she liked the babies, that’s a good sign right? Right??! 

Other than the wedding we’ve just been hanging in there. I’ve been at home, playing with an energetic toddler and trying to keep our home somewhat clean. In the evenings we do dinner or sometimes go to the park, the grocery store, or the local co-op. 

Peter has been avoiding grains and sugar and it has been so cool seeing his energy and mood change. So we have been enjoying trying new recipes. I was sooo skeptical, but zucchini noodles with alfredo sauce, chicken, and bacon was a hit. I even got thirds. 

I’m not doing the diet change with Peter, but our dinners are grain free unless I make rice or something. Yesterday we had tacos and I still had tortillas. Peter had a taco salad. Yum. I ate a lot of taco salads on my Whole 30 in January. Since then I’ve learned how much gluten, sugar, and dairy I can personally tolerate. So I’m still having one or two servings of gluten and dairy each day. I still don’t have much sugar besides in my coffee or the occasional bowl of ice cream. 

Tomorrow is the first day of a Bible study at our local parish. I’m really excited about it. There’s childcare for Zelie and my group is a bunch of moms. And it goes until the week of the due date! How perfect is that. I feel pretty spoiled. We also just officially became parishioners here at St. John’s. I’m sad to say goodbye to St. Mark’s in St. Paul, but it’s time. I’ve been learning a lot about the importance of local community and am glad to be making this commitment. 

Well, I think that’s about it for the Hilpisch family. Please keep us in your prayers, for the remainder of the pregnancy to be good, for the birth to be uneventful, and for our transition to two children, especially for Zelie’s transition. 


3 thoughts on “Third Trimester 

  1. So glad you found a new parish home ! (Though you do know that you’ll always be a Marker, right?) God bless these next few months.


  2. Ryian! I’m so happy things are going well for you and your family, especially for how your pregnancy is going! I’m appreciative of your spirit of gratitude through everything. I have to work on that myself. 😉 Blessings to you. May we meet again! ~ Annamarie


  3. Best of luck to you! I know that moving onto the last trimester can be a blessing and a worry all at once. Leaving a lot of the early discomforts, like morning sickness, behind! But also all the worries rising about how birth will go. All my prayers with you and your family!


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