Over A Year Later

We are nearing the end of January 2019, the last time I blogged here was September of 2017, almost a year and a half ago! I was in my third trimester with our son, who I guess I still need to introduce!

Welcome, Christopher Paul! He turned 1 on November 13th, and he is a wild child. So first, here is a photo dump of Christopher from birth to now. 14 months, 14 photos. You can see more photos of him and Zelie on my Instagram.

What a cutie. In November he fractured his leg, then had a bad pressure sore on his heel from the splint, but his leg is healed and his foot is almost there! He’s not in pain at all from it.

This January, Chris has been walking (almost running!). He had a language explosion this week too all within a few days! He has been saying “Mama, nom nom, uh oh, ball, book, and baby.”

Zelie didn’t say much at all besides “baby” until she was around 18 months. But now she is completely caught up and doesn’t stop talking! She is 2.5 and potty training! She will be going to our parish’s preschool two days a week in the fall, which she is THRILLED about. She’s such a social bug, and like her mama, wants to get out of the house any moment she can! Right now, she and Christopher go to a friend’s home daycare once a week, and then also play with a bunch of kids at our parish when I teach Confirmation and go to Bible Study. Photo dump of Zelie:

An update on Pete, his shoulder since his surgery October 2017 has healed and he has done a lot of physical therapy. His shoulder can do more now than when I first met him in college! He’s been loving swimming at the gym, doing yoga at home, weights (a HUGE accomplishment for him), and wrestling our kids. Photo dump of Peter:

This summer we are hoping to go on a road trip to Wyoming! I may regret not registering for a KitchenAid on our wedding registry, but I do not regret the camping gear we registered for! We’ll take a week and go through South Dakota and Wyoming. WE’re hoping to go to Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Yellowstone, and maybe the Tetons? Let me know if you have any recommendations!

Every summer we have camped a couple times as a whole family, when Chris was a baby, and when Zelie was a baby! So we are thrilled that this summer we will have a 3 year old and 1.5 year old to take camping.

Let’s see, an update on me.

I teach Confirmation on Wednesday nights to high school sophomores at our parish. It’s funny that I know many people who have a very hard time with teenagers and love babies, because I am quite the opposite. My strength is teenagers and my weakness is young children. It may be that I didn’t have a lot of experience with babies and toddlers growing up, but there is something about parenting littles and that constant demand that is physically and emotionally hard on me. Yet the drama, sass, backlash, overreactions, attitudes, and hormones of teenagers are a completely different kind of challenge, and I’ve noticed people tend to prefer either tots or teens more. Boundaries, being assertive, communicating, communicating especially the why, being authentic, have a sense of humor, and show empathy. BUT, I have never actually raised a teenager. Doing camps and ministries with teens is very different to being a mom to a teen, but I do know from experience that a couple hours with toddlers wears me out quicker than with teenagers. We’ll see in ten years what I prefer!

I do some other miscellaneous volunteer work at my parish, leading a young women’s small group, and being the chair of the Youth and Family Commission are the other two main gigs on top of Confirmation. There are other random things as well. I have found this to be very fulfilling for me. I come home refreshed and happy and a better wife and mom to my family.

When the kids are gone that once a week, I am finishing up my degree! My mom comes by most Sunday afternoons so I can escape to the library as well. Right now I am reading a whole lot of history around Shakespeare’s time and writing about what he was trying to communicate through Juliet. It’d so interesting and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve also been sporadically podcasting at Ryian’s Coffee Shop! Right now, I have felt a pull to have a space that can be like a retreat when you aren’t able to get away. I did a end of 2018 series to help you reflect on the year and enter into 2019. Then in January I did a weekly series of journal prompts. February I am thinking of doing something similar, but only one episode at the beginning of the month, and one at the end of the month. In March, maybe I’ll do something Lenten? Let me know if you have ideas!

I feel like I have so much more to say, but I’ll stop here.

Stay warm everyone! Currently, the windchill here is -30! Tonight it is looking like -60, causing frostbite on any exposed skin in as little as 5 minutes! Oof!


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