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Welcome to the Lent Retreat!

This can also be listened to on the podcast, Ryian’s Coffee Shop!

Welcome to the Lent retreat!

My name is Ryian, and I am your host and MC. This is a retreat for those who aren’t able to get away. Throughout Lent, there will be talks, testimonies, and questions to help you reflect. You can use these questions as a discussion with a friend or small group, or just join in on Instagram @ryianlouise!

First, we arrive. We get out of the bus or our car. We find and grab our bags, then awkwardly shuffle inside with our arms full.

What are you bringing? We need a sleeping bag, maybe a pillow. We are carrying a duffel bag or a backpack, but what’s inside? Clothes, obviously, but your favorite sweatshirt? Maybe some slippers or sweatpants to stay comfortable so that you can focus on the retreat. We have our toiletries, like a toothbrush. Then, on most retreats, people often also bring a Bible and a journal. But what are you carrying on your heart? What heavy baggage is there that is causing you to struggle to even walk into the doorway?

We have finally entered the building with all of our stuff. Then we drop it all to our feet. We greet the person at the welcome table. We sign in, and write our name on a name tag. Now, we have to pick up all of our stuff again and find our room.

At this time, I want you think about setting up a prayer space. Think of what chair or couch you’d like to sit at. Maybe this is in a quiet part of your home, or a bedroom or living room. There might be a coffee table or a basket to put your books or a rosary. There could be a small shrine with a candle, a picture, a statue, or a crucifix.

Your goal these next few days is to set up this prayer space so that you can spend some time each day in prayer. That might be in the morning with your cup of coffee, or some tea before bed, or right in the middle of the day during nap time.

Until next time!

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