Lent Retreat – Daily Personal Prayer and Checking in

Welcome back to the Lent retreat! I hope you were able to create a prayer space during our time away. My name is Ryian, and I am your host and MC. This is a retreat for those who aren’t able to get away, so throughout Lent, there will be talks, testimonies, and questions to help you reflect. If you prefer to listen instead of read, there is an format on the podcast at Ryian’s Coffee Shop!

Today, our guest Natalia Foley was going to be talking about daily personal prayer. She was a FOCUS missionary in Fargo, North Dakota and is now serving for their Digital Campus! I am very happy to say that she just had a beautiful baby girl this weekend, so our plans here have changed a little bit!

We will be hearing a testimony on Daily Personal Prayer later this week from Hannah at lovelylittlelives.com, but until then, let’s check in.

How is Lent going so far?

What is an intention or prayer request that you can offer up this time for?

What have you noticed since Lent started last week? Physically, mentally, spiritually.

How are your relationships right now? Your marriage, kids, family, friendships

How have you been wasting time? What are you procrastinating? Why?

What has been challenging about Lent so far?

What is something positive that you have noticed?

How has your prayer life been?

What or who has been influencing you lately? And what have you been learning?

Have you seen yourself change?

What is something that you are especially grateful for right now?

Now, reflecting back at your answers, are you seeing a pattern?

Do you need to adjust? Maybe take on more? Or maybe you took on too much? You might need to add breaks on Sundays, or maybe it’ll be easier if you keep plowing through until Easter? Maybe you want to take on something extra on Fridays. Or maybe you’re doing great!

Until next time, I want to encourage you to take some free time with God. Go on a walk. Read. Knit. Color. And of course, pray.

There is a wonderful Lenten Spotify Playlist that Edmund Mitchell made that can be found here.

Natalia Foley can be found in all sorts of places if you are looking for baby spam, humor, Catholicism, and beauty. (She didn’t tell me to say that, but it’s true.) You can find here at the following: Twitter. Instagram. FOCUS. Please pray for her, her husband Peter, and their baby girl!

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