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May Quick Takes

Spring seems to always be a busy time of year! Birthdays, first communions, musicals, confirmations, band concerts, ordinations, baby showers, overall end of the school year madness!


To help keep me sane, I made a playlist on Spotify! It’s really energizing and springy!



Zelie just turned 3! And is potty trained! We casually potty trained when she turned 2 and I noticed her diapers were dry at night. I’d a couple times a day ask her if she wanted to go potty, but never forced anything. Sometimes she’d say yes, sometimes she’d say know. When I noticed that she was noticing on her own that she needed to go, I thought it was time. So around Easter time, we got a pack of underwear and no more diapers! The first couples days I was asking all the time if she had to go. There were a couple accidents. The biggest struggle is she wanted a diaper to go #2, but we figured it out! It’s been a month now and she’s doing so well!


I’m finishing a class! I just have a paper to turn in on Romeo and Juliet then my Shakespeare class is done! It’s been a huge challenge for me because it’s been bringing up a lot of trauma from my first pregnancy, but I’m almost done! So this week I’ve been a little frazzled, neglecting housework, using naptime, and running away in the evenings to the library and to finish this paper. So I’ve been a little frazzled because of stress from that.



I started a habit! During Lent, our parish hosted something called The School of Discipleship. They had enough parents sign up to have childcare during it, and they also offered scholarships, so we were miraculously able to go! Each Tuesday night we listened to a talk from Jeff Cavins about being an Activated Disciple, then had time to socialize and discuss afterwards. One of the weeks, Fr. Mike Schmitz was a guest speaker! He is well known for his videos. I listen to them in podcast form and never miss a single one.

After the School of Disipleship ended, we were given a journal to do for 40 days. It has Lectio Divina in the morning, and an Examen at night. It takes me about 15 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes at night. I have fallen off the habit of daily personal prayer since becoming a mom over 3 years ago, never being able to successfully start up again. But this time around, I was motivated enough to keep at it. They say that it takes about 21 days to start a habit, and I am proud to day that it has been 30 days!

I’ve been learning from this daily habit that God has something to reveal to us each and every day. I have be in awe how much I can connect the Scripture that I read in the morning to my day. I hope to talk more about it on the podcast, so stay tuned and subscribe to Ryian’s Coffee Shop if you haven’t already.


The topic of abortion has been in the news, and all over everyone’s social media feeds. I spent about a week just reading, not participating in any discussions, thinking, listening. After some time, I made a post, “For those who are pro choice, I have a genuine question, because I really want to understand. At what age is killing a person not okay anymore? I have read a lot from every side this week, but this is one question that I have that I have not seen answered.”

Overall, the discussion went very well. For the most part, people were respectful, calmly listening and sharing their perspective. I had had quite a few private discussions behind the scenes, and I really appreciated everyone’s feedback. What I learned from this experience was that many people genuinely don’t think that there is a human person 100% worthy of life until close to birth. I saw that was where we were different, and there was not much I could do to change that.

I can show all the science, when there’s a heartbeat, fingers, eyes, etc. but to some people that doesn’t mean that it’s a precious baby yet. I have not quite figured it out, but I’ve been reading people’s stories about why they changed from pro choice to pro life, and I’ve seen that most of them changed their mind after learning more about their developments, seeing ultrasounds, or they or someone they know becomes pregnant and they love that new little person so much, that they realize that other new little people are all precious.

You have always been loved, precious, and cherished. You have always had worth and dignity. No matter the circumstances of how you came to be, you are valued. You are not a mistake. You are loved. You are not worthless.

If you want to share your perspective, story, or experience with me, feel feel to contact me!



I finished the Rosary Series! This week I published the last Scriptural Roary, the Joyful Mysteries, my favorite set! The Rosary series was sponsored by smallthingsgr8love on Etsy. You can find her at @smallthings.gr8love on Instagram. You can find me on Instagram at @ryianlouise


I joined Hope*Writers! It is a community of writers helping and supporting each other on their writing journey. I have been looking at this program for about a year now when I first started the podcast. At first I thought the community was only for those who were publishing books, but I looked into more when their doors opened this week, and found that many members are bloggers and podcasters as well. I have a hunch that down the road there is a book in me, but not right now.

Hope*Writers has weekly training from experts, and a whole library of resources with check lists and bench marks. You take a quiz, and they suggest where you might be on the writing path. I am between stage 1 and 3, so I’m working on my writing, establishing a routine, identifying my reader, and even making an income on my work. Then there is a community that offers support, ideas, accountability, and small groups.

There is a monthly membership, or an annual one. I decided to try it this month, but after poking around this week, I already think I am here to stay. If Hope*Writers is something you think might be your next step, let me know! Doors close TONIGHT and don’t open again until the fall!

I hope you have a fantastic rest of your May. I’m linking with Kelly for some quick takes!


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